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We hold 4-6 temporary exhibitions each year focusing on different aspects of gardens and gardening. To find out about upcoming exhibitions sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.


Katie Spragg: Lambeth Wilds



Rudi Patterson: Gardens and Landscapes

Lizzy Stewart: Garden Party

Rajat Jindal as a child in his mother's garden

Rajat Jindal: My Garden Story

Sumi © Rachel Labovitch

Rachel Labovitch: Skyward

Repton Revealed

Flower Fairies: Botanical Magic

Katie Spragg: Glasshouses

Clay for Dementia

Past Exhibition: Blooming Lambeth

Past Exhibition: Shedding the Allotments

Past Exhibition: Eileen Hogan

Past Exhibition: Floriculture

Past Exhibition: Garden Open Today

Past Exhibition: Beth Chatto