Rajat Jindal as a child in his mother's garden
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Rajat Jindal: My Garden Story

A small free display telling the story of Rajat Jindal’s love of gardening, which was formed at an early age and inspired by his mother. Rajat shares his gardening story from urban Huddersfield to rural Suffolk.

Rajat wrote in his teenage diary that he wouldn’t mind being a gardener ‘full time’, however this was not to be and he followed a career in law working in London and Hong Kong. In 2006 he decided to follow his passion for gardening, taking on an allotment in Barnes and planning a move to the countryside where he would build a garden of his own.

He found the perfect spot in Suffolk. This display of Rajat’s own photographs tell the story of his garden and of the importance of gardening in his life.

“I can go into the garden in a bad mood, but I never leave the garden in a bad mood…”

Rajat Jindal