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Past Exhibition:The Curiosity Project

In collaboration with Morley College

Inspired by the newly reconstructed Tradescant’s Ark, students and staff from Morley College’s Advanced Textiles course explored the astonishing diversity of the 17th Century collection of natural, mythical and curious objects.  Hybrids of animal, vegetable and mineral form an exhibition of works ranging from fossils to folklore, and the microscopic to monstrous.

The exhibition was in the Magazine Space and Community Wall of the Garden Museum from 22nd September to 15th October.  The exhibition was held in partnership with Morley College, where visitors could see work by students and tutors in the Morley College Foyer during the same period.

Artwork: Ross Belton
Photo credit: Jonathan Dredge


Image: Artwork: Ross Belton, Photo credit: Jonathan Dredge