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March Focus : Potatoes

In March in Learning it's time to focus on potatoes. We usually have a Potato Day at the Museum in March.

We are delving into all things ‘potato’ this month, and as usual we are bringing you items from our Collection and Archive, background facts science to brush up your knowledge, and some hands-on art and cooking activities to get involved with.


Use potato art to make a Mother’s Day card, conduct a science experiment with salt and water, make a potato pizza, or try out some new ways to chop a potato for cooking.

Potato Printing Activity

Potatoes can be used for printing with to make patterns or pictures. Here are some instructions and ideas for Mother’s Day cards.

Make a Mother’s Day Card using a Potato!!

Potato Science Experiment

Read our simple fact sheet on potatoes then conduct your own potato osmosis experiment using a potato, salt and water.

Potato Osmosis Science Experiment

Potato Pizza Cooking Activity

Use a baked potato as your pizza base and follow our step by step recipe to make a potato pizza. Get creative with your toppings for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Potato Pizza Activity

3 ways to chop a potato

There’s more to potatoes than roasties. In this video our Food Learning Officer Ceri shows us 3 different ways to chop a potato; Hasselback, fries and waffle crisps.

For full instructions and cooking times click HERE

Image: Markus Spiske via Unsplash