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Cedric Morris’ Garden Style

Ahead of our talk on the history of Benton End next week, we’ve been sifting through some archival photos of artist-plantsman Cedric Morris. In our series on gardening in style, we ask some of our favourite garden people, “What do you wear to garden, and why?” Since we can’t ask Cedric himself about what he wore to garden at Benton End, we’ve gathered a selection of his most iconic looks from throughout the years to see what we can learn from them: 

1. Thick woolly jumper: essential.

Photo courtesy of Frances Mount.

2. Accessorise with a pipe and muddy knees.

Photo courtesy of Twig O’Malley

3. Gardening is always better with fluffy and feathered friends.

Photo by Vivien Gribble, courtesy of Sarah Cook.

4. Take regular hammock breaks.

Photo by Vivien Gribble, courtesy of Sarah Cook.

5. If no hammock is available, a deckchair will do.

Photo courtesy of Frances Mount.

6. And a neckerchief never goes amiss.

Photo courtesy of John Morley.

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Want to find out more about Cedric Morris’ life at Benton End? Garden Museum Director Christopher Woodward and Head Gardener Matt Collins will be in conversation on Tuesday 26 October, discussing Benton End’s history and the botanical discoveries Matt has made in a year looking after Cedric’s garden.