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Pumpkins in the Garden Museum’s Collection

Here are some photographs of harvest festivals from the past. Can you spot the pumpkins?

All of these images are in the Garden Museum's collection and have been taken at Horticultural Shows and Harvest Festivals over the last 100+ years.

This Harvest Festival took place in 1915. That is over 100 years ago! Can you see any pumpkins?

This Harvest Festival took place in 1910. This photograph shows flowers as well as vegetables displayed inside a church. Can you see a pumpkin in the photograph?

Here’s a photograph from the Garden Museum’s collection of some large pumpkins! The photograph was taken in 1886! In the 19th century. We are now in the 21st century! The name of the boy in the photograph is George Evershed and the photograph was taken by Gertrude Jekyll. (Gertrude Jekyll was a famous garden designer and she also took photographs.)

This photograph in our collection is from 1940. One of the girls in the photograph visited the museum to tell us her story many years after this photograph was taken.

Collated by Janine Nelson, Head of Learning