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October Focus : Pumpkin & Squash

We often celebrate harvest time and autumn at the museum by focusing some of our learning activities around pumpkins and squash, and last year we held our first pumpkin festival. Since things are a little bit different this year our learning team has put together a virtual celebration.

Browse our pumpkin fact sheet, check out some historical photographs of pumpkins held in the museum’s own collection, or take part in one of our suggested hands on activities.

Plenty to keep you occupied during half term, we can’t wait to hear what you get up to!


We invite you to enter our pumpkin decorating competition, cook our Butternut Squash Quesadilla recipe, colour in our pumpkins and squiggly squash, or host your own horticultural show complete with homemade rosettes. Let us know how you get along!

Squash & Pumpkin Competition

Children’s competition: Make an animal using a pumpkin or a squash as the body. Give your animal a name! Look at some of the photographs of entries from last year to give you some ideas.

Email photo entries to by 31st October 2020. We will share entries on our Twitter account. Let us know the first name of the child that made the animal and their age, as well as the name of their animal.

Please do cook and eat the squash/pumpkin after you have photographed it – don’t just bin it!


Watch and cookalong with our Food Learning Officer Ceri as she shows you how to make a Mexican inspired quesadilla using autumn’s finest butternut squash. For the full written out recipe click HERE.

We’ll be cooking this recipe, along with pumpkin cupcakes, at our half term virtual sessions held via zoom. If you’d like to join us to cook together you can book your spot HERE.


This activity comes with a colouring-in sheet and instructions on how to draw your own. It is inspired by weird, pimply, funky shaped squash, pumpkins and gourds.

You can print out the colouring-in page or colour it in digitally!

Pumpkin & Squash colouring-in sheet

Colouring-in sheet designed by Madeleine Sadler, Artist and Volunteer.


Here’s a colouring-in activity for a Horticultural Show. If you have got a printer at home you can print it out, colour it in and then cut out the rosette. If you don’t have a printer, you can try copying the rosette using a pencil and paper and then cut it out.

Suggestion: If you have a garden or allotment at home with vegetables, flowers or fruit you could create your own Horticultural Show or Harvest Festival with your harvest and display them. Or if you have some vegetable toys you could arrange them in a display.

Make homemade rosettes for the biggest fruits or vegetables. (The biggest isn’t always the tastiest!)

Horticultural Show Colouring in