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The Great Garden Hunt Part Three: Gardening Get-Ups

Thank you to those who attempted to identify the country houses in the images last week, unfortunately it was rather challenging and we were not able to confirm any of your guesses!

This week we’d like you to let us know if you can glean any identifying information about the date of these images by analysing the fetching fashions or professional workwear on display. Can you predict the period from a lady’s bonnet or the position of her hemline, neckline and waistline? Can you draw out the decade judging from the style of advertising, use of colour and type of gardening tools in use? Perhaps the hairstyles will provide a clue. These are the tricks of the trade that curators and archivists use to date objects and artefacts. And even if you don’t know the dates, is there anything else in the picture which you think we should know for our files?

Please email our Archivist, Rosie Vizor, if you can discern any identifying information about these images: archives@gardenmuseum.org.uk. Make sure to reference the image number, which you can see in the bottom left corner when you click on each image.

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