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The Great Garden Hunt Part Four: Gardening in Style

Every week for The Great Garden Hunt, we invite the eagle-eyed among you to help us date some unidentified images from the Museum’s photographic collection.

Last week’s garden fashion detectives were so knowledgeable that we’ve rustled up some more modish mysteries for you! What can you tell us about the dates of this week’s photos based on the cut, style or material of the gardening outfits shown? This week we’re focusing on what people wore to garden, whether professionals, students or at leisure in their own garden. And if you don’t know the dates, is there anything else you could tell us?

Once again, delve into a selection of images below, and please email archives@gardenmuseum.org.uk if you can discern any identifying information. Make sure to reference the image number, which you can see in the bottom left corner when you click on each image.

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