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The Garden Café Cookbook: A Year in the Kitchen

A Year in the Kitchen offers a look behind the scenes at the Garden Café and a chance to learn some of head chef George Ryle’s recipes, tips and secrets to cooking well with the seasons: from fresh pea and pecorino pasta in spring to summer skate and samphire, and how to master the best pork chop crackling.

Since opening in 2017, the Garden Café at the Garden Museum has become known and loved as one of London’s best restaurants, recently chosen by Time Out as the Best Outdoor Dining Spot in the city, and in 2018 winning the Leading Culture Destinations award for the world’s best restaurant in a cultural venue.

This new cookbook is a small collection of some of the dishes that George has most enjoyed cooking and serving at the Garden Museum. With recipes selected from each of the seasons, the book is a journey through a year in our kitchen. Written with a balance of seriousness and joviality that reflects the Garden Café approach to cooking, it is not only something to cook from but also something to enjoy and inspire ideas for everybody who reads it. And the perfect gift for the food-lover in your life!

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The Garden Café: A Year in the Kitchen


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Photography by Richard Round-Turner