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The City That Sold the Sun

Creeping buttercups, oxeye daises, field poppies, yarrow, lavender, daffodils, sedum, verbena, sunflowers and paeonies are some of the flowers which will vanish from London’s parks if a proposal by the Greater London Authority to allow over-shadowing by high-rise buildings becomes official policy for the city. 

On Monday 21st March 2022, the spring equinox, we released our publication ‘The City that Sold the Sun’, as part of our campaign to protect outdoor spaces from being overshadowed by tall buildings. 

We are grateful to the National Garden Scheme who has funded the publication which includes contributions from:

  • Sue Stuart-Smith – psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and author of The Well-Gardened Mind 
  • Mathew Frith – Director of Policy & Research at London Wildlife Trust
  • Dr Sam Everington – Professor and GP 
  • Samia Qureshi – Garden Museum Science Learning Officer 

Read the full report here:

The City That Sold the Sun

In The City That Sold the Sun, we ask that the GLA’s proposed guidance in Good Quality Homes for All Londoners be reconsidered to guarantee sunshine in the public realm.