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Like gardeners working in their gardens, the modern fashion world follows a seasonal cycle, always looking ahead to the next season, trying to anticipate the changes of light, temperature, mood and scale that await at the turn of the year. Both gardens and dress aim to bring a sense of occasion to a season.

Midsummer is more authentic if passed among organza and roses; russet velvet and gold-licked chrysanthemums concentrate our sense that autumn has arrived.

Fashion & Gardens was the first exhibition to explore the relationship between fashion and garden design, from the age of Queen Elizabeth I to the catwalks of London Fashion Week 2014. The exhibition, curated by writer, historian and Garden Museum Trustee Nicola Shulman, identified and celebrated the many links and correspondences between gardening and fashion design. The connection has existed for centuries, but this exhibition was the first attempt to make it articulate.

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