Catalogue | Frank Walter: Artist, Gardener, Radical

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Explore the world of Francis Archibald Wentworth Walter, or Frank Walter (1926–2009). As one of the most influential Caribbean visual artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, Frank Walter’s work is a bold exploration of environmentalism, Caribbean and Black identity, social justice, and the intricacies of nature.

Beautifully illustrated with Frank Walter’s paintings of tropical plants, abstract landscapes and imagined intergalactic gardens, alongside photographs of his studio and the surrounding environment in rural Antigua, this catalogue accompanying the exhibition Frank Walter: Artist, Gardener, Radical also includes an essay by exhibition curator Professor Barbara Paca, Ph.D., O.B.E., and an introduction by Garden Museum Director Christopher Woodward.

Frank Walter: A Unique Life

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Frank Walter led a remarkable life. As a descendant of enslaved individuals and plantation owners, he turned to agriculture to alleviate economic hardship. He made history by managing a sugar plantation and ran an inspiring but ultimately unsuccessful campaign for Prime Minister in 1969, with a focus on visionary environmentalism.

Creating a Sanctuary

In 1993, he designed a secluded haven on Bailey’s Hill in Antigua. It included a home, an art studio, and enchanting gardens. Walter cultivated a sanctuary in harmony with the natural world, offering breathtaking vistas of the countryside and the endless ocean.

Embracing Seclusion

Drawing comfort from the untamed hills of his ancestral lands, Walter embraced seclusion in his later years. He dedicated his time to gardening, writing, and painting.

A Captivating Exploration

Frank Walter’s multifaceted life and artistic legacy are intertwined with Caribbean history. This exhibition offers a captivating exploration of his profound impact on culture and the environment.

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