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November Focus : The Orchard

This month in Learning we are examining orchards and the apples that grow in them.

Browse our apple orchard fact sheet, check out some historical references to orchards held in the Museum’s own collection, or take part in one of our suggested hands on activities.


Cook our spiced apple chutney recipe, or create your own table top orchard. Let us know how you get along!


Make a table top orchard

This activity involves going outside but also bringing the outside inside! It is inspired by orchards, fruit trees and designing your own.

You can follow the example exactly but lots of the materials can be easily swapped for what you have at home!

Download the Table Top Orchard activity 

Activity designed by Madeleine Sadler, Artist and Volunteer.


Watch and cookalong with our Food Learning Officer Ceri as she shows you how to make a Spiced Apple Chutney. For the full written out recipe click HERE.