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December Focus : Citrus

This month in Learning we are looking at Citrus fruits, something to brighten up this festive month. This is a bumper edition, lots for you to read and take part in over the Christmas holidays.

Browse our top 10 citrus facts, find out about the citrus trees at the Museum, explore images from our collection, or take part in one of our suggested hands on activities.


Make your own tree decorations from oranges, create your own botanical art, find all the varieties of citrus in our wordsearch, or cook our chocolate orange granola. Let us know how you get along!


How to make dried orange Christmas tree decorations

This activity requires an oven and lots of patience – the oranges need to stay in the oven for a long time, but they will fill your house with their beautiful scent.

How to make dried Orange Christmas Tree Decorations


Create your own botanical citrus collage

For this activity you can use paints, crayons or colouring pencils, to draw your own citrus fruits, leaves and branches, before cutting and sticking them onto one botanical citrus collage.

How to make a Botanical Citrus Collage


Can you find and circle all 18 of the varieties of citrus in this wordsearch?

Garden Museum Citrus Wordsearch


Watch and cookalong with our Food Learning Officer Ceri as she shows you how to make Chocolate Orange Granola! For the full written out recipe click HERE