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April Focus : Herbs

This month in Learning we are exploring herbs.

Via these pages we take you on a tour of herb related content from our Collection and Archive. We also introduce you to some lesser known herbs. Plus there are many activities for you to have fun with over the Easter holidays;  grow your own herbs from seeds and cuttings, get creative with our herby head art-based activity or cook some recipes from our herby booklet.


Enjoy taking part in one of our hands on activities below. If you make anything, we’d love to see the results – you can share photographs with us via twitter @GardenMusLearn or email us ceri@gardenmuseum.org.uk

Gardening Activity : Grow Herbs from Seeds and Cuttings

Growing herbs

Herbs are quite easy plants to grow from seeds and cuttings. Here are some ideas for how you can grow them at home that our Head of Learning, Janine Nelson has put together.

Art Activity : Herby Heads

Herby Heads

This activity comes with a recipe for herbs heads. Scent your own salt dough to explore the smells of any herbs and sculpt it into fun faces!

Art Activity designed by Madeleine Sadler, Artist and Volunteer

Science Activity : Herbs under the microscope

Herbs Under The Microscope

Have you ever thought about what a herb is and what it might look like under the microscope? Take a look at our herbs under the microscope PDF.  This activity is designed for Primary aged children by our Science Learning Officer Samia Qureshi

Cooking Activity : Herbs Recipe Booklet

Herbs Recipe Booklet

In summer 2020, the focus of our online family learning classes was cooking with homegrown herbs. We loved the recipes so much we wanted everyone to have access to them, so our Food Learning Officer Ceri  put them together into one booklet. We’ve also added some background information on common herbs to grow at home, tips on working your way through our recipes in the kitchen, and at the end you will find some playful activities around herbs.

These recipes are suitable for everyone who loves to eat, but have been specifically put together for children under the age of 10 to enjoy cooking with the supervision of an adult.

Thank you to all the families that joined us online last summer and shared the results with us, you did a fabulous job!

Honey and Herb Soda Bread

The recipe for this honey & rosemary soda bread is featured in the herbs recipe booklet. It also works very nicely with sage instead of rosemary.

Image: Rich Smith via Unsplash