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Super Nature: A new contemporary art fair inspired by plants

Super Nature is London’s first contemporary art fair inspired by the joy of plants!

This boutique art fair will show a curated selection of artists whose work celebrates the joy of plants, flowers and gardens.

From oil paintings to photography, collages to print-making, all work for sale at this affordable fair will be priced at under £500, with an abundance of art to appeal to both garden and art lovers alike.

Held in the impressive setting of the Garden Museum, visitors to Super Nature will also have the chance to create art inspired by nature themselves, in flower-pressing and abstract floral painting workshops hosted by the exhibiting artists.

Ticket info

Tickets are available by online pre-booking only. Please select your time slot when booking. You may arrive at any time during your chosen 1 hour slot. Please note that tickets are limited in order to maintain social distancing.

As tickets are sold by the hour, we are encouraging a steady flow of people, and would anticipate your visit to the fair to be around an hour and a half (not including workshops or visits to the Garden Café).

Please read our Visitors’ Charter and Q&As for the measures we’ve put in place to ensure your visit to the Museum is safe and enjoyable.


Abstract Floral and Foliage Painting with Laura Gee
Sat 10 Oct and Sun 11 Oct, 11am
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Flower Pressing with JamJar Flowers
Sat 10 Oct and Sun 11 Oct, 3pm
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  • Anita Gwynn

    Anita Gwynn

    Anita Gwynn loves flowers and plants and loves drawing them. She likes to find out about the plants she is drawing. Gwynn wants everyone to realise that we do not exist in isolation, but as part of a whole. Without plants we wouldn’t survive.

  • Fiona Wheeler

    Fiona Wheeler

    Inspired by nature’s vibrant colours and intricate shapes, Fiona creates highly detailed paintings of botanical subjects. She works in watercolour and coloured pencil. Fiona is a Fellow member of The Society of Botanical Artists.

  • JamJar Edit

    JamJar Edit

    Alongside JamJar Flowers Founder Melissa Richardson, Amy Fielding heads up the JamJar studio as well as their recently established e-commerce site JamJar Edit. Melissa’s approach to floristry, which celebrates seasonal flowers in all their glory, along with Amy’s love of modernist design, led to the launch of the Edit, which specialises in flower pressing and beautifully designed botanically inspired gifts.

    Their flower pressing story began when invited by British fashion label Mulberry to make pressed flower invitations for their SS15 fashion show. Similar projects quickly followed, and a new found obsession with the craft of pressing flowers led to more ambitious installations for the likes of Rakes Progress Magazine and Sketch in Mayfair. An invitation from a private client to create a bespoke wall of pressed flowers with specimens picked from the land around his home was a dream commission, and one that has led JamJar to not only create similar works of art but to offer clients the opportunity to preserve a favourite plant, a bouquet or even an entire garden.

    JamJar now hold regular flower pressing workshops, and sell a collection of framed pressed flowers, and flower pressing accessories online via jamjaredit.co.uk.

  • Julia Patience

    Julia Patience

    Julia trained and worked as a designer and illustrator and is now an award-winning professional botanic artist. Living in Hong Kong recently, gave her the opportunity to paint the exquisite flora of Asia which spurred her on to becoming a Fellow of the Society of Botanic Artists. She exhibits internationally as well as in London and the South-East.

  • Kate Friend

    Kate Friend

    Photographer Kate Friend showed her first flower series, Botanical Portraits, at the Garden Museum in 2018. Kate’s work explores British identity through plants. Her work is recognisably minimal and is created using traditional film photography. Kate’s second Botanical Portraits series will be released in summer 2020. At Super Nature Kate will be showing a set of new limited edition botanical prints, as yet unseen.

  • Kevin Dutton

    Kevin Dutton

    Kevin produces photographic studies of plants and flowers grown in his garden and allotment in South London. His limited edition prints are exhibited and collected worldwide. Last year Kevin won a gold medal at the RHS botanical art and photography show and taught a botanical photography course at the V&A.

  • Kit Boyd

    Kit Boyd

    Exploring our relationship with nature, Kit Boyd follows in the British romantic tradition of Samuel Palmer and the Neo-Romantics. Featuring real rural idylls to imagined dreamlike places, his etching, paintings and linocuts depict green men emerging from trees, lone figures wandering overgrown lanes, and landscapes with plantlife at the fore.

  • Laura Gee

    Laura Gee

    Laura Gee is an artist based in London, her joyful and expressive paintings are a celebration of nature, whilst also translating memories of a time and place though abstraction and semi recognisable forms. Laura's practise explores the notion that art just like nature can have a positive effect on the viewer's wellbeing and inspire positive feelings.

  • Mary MacCarthy

    Mary MacCarthy

    Mary MacCarthy lives and works in North Norfolk, finding inspiration in her garden and the coastline. Working from sketchbooks she paints in oils and watercolours. After studying Textile design and Fine Art at Camberwell she worked on decorative commissions (including murals) before concentrating on her own projects.
    She has published three books on design.

  • Studio Coverdale

    Studio Coverdale

    Natasha Coverdale is a British Designer / Digital Florist. Creating fantastical and joyful fine art prints - often with hidden visual treats. Inspired by 18th Century French Textiles, Japanese Block Prints and the Messy Romantic Hedgerows of England.


  • Rose Electra Harris

    Rose Electra Harris

    Rose Electra Harris (b.1991) explores the interior, creating dreamlike, surreal and vibrant interpretations of domestic spaces around her. The room is an oasis and the items within it are what bring it to life. Harris imagines the colourful dialogue that exists between space and furnishings in her distorted perspective scenes. She uses decorative motifs, exotic bright hues of colour, intricate patterns and textures throughout her work.


  • Tessa Pearson

    Tessa Pearson

    Tessa Pearson (b.1955) is a painter and printmaker living in the Surrey Hills, south of London. She studied printed textile design at UCA Farnham and the Royal College of Art and had a successful career selling hand painted fabrics all over the world from her London studio and gallery. Transferring her skills Tessa now uses printmaking and mixed media as her preferred medium, working mostly on paper creating bold abstract paintings and silkscreen monotypes. Known for her exceptional use of colour, recent work is from studies of patterns and colour experienced in inspirational gardens and interpreted in her very recognisable style.

    Tessa has work in collections worldwide. Selected exhibitions include the RWS Contemporary Open (prizewinner) and the Royal West of England Academy.

Image: Kate Friend