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Houseplant Festival Workshop | The Best Moss Pole Workshop

Are your plants are begging for something to climb up? Have you given them a moss pole before, just for it to dry out too quickly and the plants don’t attach?

Head to this workshop to learn how to make your very own D-shaped moss pole. Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or just beginning your journey into the world of houseplants, The Best Moss Pole Workshop is the perfect opportunity to nurture your passion and learn a new skill. Join us, and let your love for plants climb to new heights! 


  • Emma Angold (@goodgrowing)

    Emma Angold (@goodgrowing)

    Emma started collecting houseplants in 2018 after she moved to London and missed being surrounded by nature. Now she lives with her 200+ houseplants, one gorgeous cat, and her partner in a small flat. She shares the ups and downs of her urban jungle journey online and strives to help other plant parents of all levels learn from her experiences. Emma also co-founded Another Plant Swap, a travelling event that brings like-minded enthusiasts together to exchange plants and knowledge.