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Houseplant Festival 2023

The Garden Museum Houseplant Festival returns this autumn! Join us for a celebration of houseplants with stalls, workshops, talks and more.

For many of us who don’t have gardens, houseplants are a way to bring nature and gardening into our homes. The Garden Museum’s annual Houseplant Festival is a day for all our fellow indoor gardeners: it’s a chance to meet expert houseplant growers and sellers, find inspiration and pick their brains on houseplant care, and do a little plant shopping while you’re at it.

Stalls will include a curated selection of plant shops for all your indoor garden needs – from sustainably grown plants, to design-led handmade pots, terrariums, planters and hangers, artisan horticultural ephemera, tools and more.

The Houseplant Festival also offers workshops and talks to delve deeper into houseplant science and care.

IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Building Workshop with Cabinet Cultures
Learn how to “hack” and modify IKEA display cases with weather-stripping, grow lights, wire shelving, backing boards and fans to make an indoor greenhouse cabinet to grow houseplants in.
10.30am | Book tickets

The Best Moss Pole Workshop
Make your own D-shaped moss pole for your plants to grow up in this workshop with Good Growing.
12pm | Book tickets

From Aloe to Yucca: the Queer Ecology of Houseplants
Join queer ecologist Connor Butler to discover the ecological history of our favourite houseplants, from the intimate relationship between the yucca and the yucca moth, to the ferns that can change sex.
1.30pm | Book tickets

Indoor Waterlilies with James Wong
Waterlilies are some of the easiest and most unusual houseplants to grow. With a few simple tips and tricks, anyone can grow their own mini lily pond in a fruit bowl, that will flower all-year-round. Join James Wong to learn exactly how to do this, and ask any questions you have in this interactive talk.
3pm | Book tickets


  • Awoke Plants

    Awoke Plants

    When my local garden centre in East London closed down, I decided to pick up the trowel and give it a go – Awoke Plants was sprouted in late spring 2023. I love experimenting with plants, combining houseplants with ‘outdoor’ plants and upcycled materials to create talking point displays. All my plants are grown peat-free too, reflecting my ‘woke’ values and rebellion against unthinking consumerism. Look for my special Garden Museum ‘Barbie’ collection.

  • Ilex Studio

    Ilex Studio

    Ilex Studio was founded in 2018 with a design focus on creating products that highlight the beauty of nature and design.

    Our mission is to inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate the value of plants and trees. We are dedicated to addressing climate change in a simple and meaningful way by encouraging others to grow and plant trees.

    If every person plants one tree it would have a profound impact on our earth. Most importantly, we are committed to contributing our efforts toward global reforestation and making our environment a better place for future generations.

  • Niwaki


    Niwaki sources and produces fine gardening tools, knives and other practical
    accessories from Japan. Our products are highly valued by gardeners,
    craftspeople, chefs, artists, homemakers and everyone else who appreciates
    thoughtfully designed, extremely useful and – dare we say it – beautiful items.
    Niwaki began over 15 years ago with the introduction of Niwaki Original
    Tripod Ladders: revered for their stability, strength and lightness. Over time
    we have unearthed many more uniquely Japanese products, such as Hori
    Hori gardening trowels, Niwaki Kenzan and, of course, Japanese carbon steel
    shears and secateurs, including our highly-regarded Niwaki GR Pro range.

  • Noriko Nagaoka

    Noriko Nagaoka

    Hand thrown or made in a mould in batches made to order, Noriko makes nature inspired collections of stoneware tableware, including sake cups, bowls, plates, ikebana vases, and plant pots.

    While in London, Noriko missed seeing Japanese handmade tableware, so she decided to develop her own style of ceramics, inspired by nature, using a layering glaze style and gravity to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Trees, ocean scenery, mountains, waterfalls, and animals, are all great inspirations to her. Her Mori, Titan, and Croco glazed pieces are created by gravity during the final glaze firing in an electric kiln.

    Noriko is deeply influenced and inspired by the Japanese master potter Mr. Shoji Hamada. His spontaneous designs and clean shapes are what she strives to achieve in her own work.
    Recently she began testing out making other art objects like home interior pieces and ceramic wall pieces. Currently she is experimenting with wild London clay, making small batches of art pieces.

  • Onion Studio

    Onion Studio

    Onion Studio is a creative space based in north London. We are an online lifestyle store and plant studio. We curate products with design, purpose and functionality. Our plant studio has a wonderful collection of accessories for your house plants. Contemporary, simple and natural forms to suit your interior space.

  • Plant Designs

    Plant Designs

    Plant Designs is a Farringdon-based shop selling a beautifully curated range of indoor plants, pots, and accessories. Whether you want to transform your home into a jungle or are looking for a thoughtful gift, the Plant Designs shop is the perfect place to browse, seek inspiration, and get helpful advice from the team.

    Looking for a green-fingered activity? Plant Designs also offer a range of plant workshops, from terrarium making through to moss art, plant care, and so much more!

  • Plants By There

    Plants By There

    Independent design and retail brand Plants By There was founded by Botanical Designer and Stylist James Whiting in April 2023. Plants By There specialises in creating bespoke and playful plant displays in both commercial and private settings around London. In September this year, James launched his vibrant online retail arm of his brand, specialising in UK grown, peat-free sustainable houseplants and indoor gardening accessories. Plants By There believes that planet conscious shopping doesn't need to be beige and boring! James champions the use of colour and creativity whilst ensuring that their customers can shop sustainably with ease. Plants By There delivers their houseplants nationwide.

  • Plant Pet Club

    Plant Pet Club

    Plant Pet Club is a small business with a goal to make the experience of being a plant parent as wonderful as plants themselves. No green thumb required! Caring for plants should be fun. That’s why our plant shop, subscription boxes and Jungle Bundles are full of hardy eye-catching plants, perfectly fitting pots and easy to follow care guide.

    If you’re determined to transform yourself into a green-fingered pro or simply surround yourself with more plants, visiting our stand at the Houseplant Festival is a sure way to get off to a flying start. Whether you’re simply after a low maintenance plant for your office or an introduction to more exotic plants to nurture and grow on your windowsill, there really is something for everyone.

  • Silver Roots

    Silver Roots

    At Silver Roots Our Ethics Are Deeply Rooted

    We are busy building a better tomorrow through community engagement, education, and sustainable business practices.

    Here we grow 100% of our houseplants in-house here in Plymouth, UK. From planting seeds, bulbs or through propagation of our mother plants using sustainable methods;
    Our soil is mixed by hand in-house containing 0% peat, using only responsibly sourced composts and soil mixes which lower potential impact on the environment.

    Growing houseplants without the use of chemicals. An eco-friendly way to bring nature indoors. Chemicals and synthetic fertilizers can harm the environment and our health, as they often contain harmful toxins that can leach into the soil and water supply.

    Using plastic-free packaging & growing materials, we can reduce our reliance on single-use plastics and promote more responsible consumption and waste management practices. This can help preserve our natural resources, protect wildlife, and create a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.

    If we do not protect our planet then our future is at risk. We are dedicated in choosing the most sustainable options we can for every process here at Silver Roots.

  • Spring Garden Nursery

    Spring Garden Nursery

  • The Glasshouse

    The Glasshouse

    The Glasshouse is an award-winning social enterprise, growing and nurturing extraordinary house plants with women in prison. We sell our very special plants through our webshop, www.theglasshouse.co.uk shipping anywhere in the UK.

    As a CIC, all profits are reinvested to expand and grow our programmes in prisons. Our profits support horticultural training, employment and resettlement support to women in prison with the aim to reduce reoffending. Lack of employment and secure housing is a primary cause of reoffending. Every plant we sell represents a second chance for a woman in prison. We also offer interior plantscaping and maintenance, corporate gifting, well-being workshops and holiday tree rental.

  • Yolly


    We are an independent sustainably minded flower and plant shop. We strive to find and work with the best local growers and suppliers as well as from allotments.