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Garden Visit | Bywell and Charlton Farm, Cotswolds

Inspiring owner-created gems in the Cotswolds

Today’s gardens are located on the southern edge of the Cotswolds between the historic towns of Cirencester, Tetbury and Malmesbury. Firstly we visit Bywell, a charming Cotswold stone property with a steep hillside garden filled with adventurous planting and unexpected views. After coffee with owners Alex and Nicky Kininmonth, Alex will explain his ongoing development of the garden, over 20 years, on challenging soil. A colourful and densely planted bank of shrubs and trees rises above the drive, topped by a line of Italian cypresses that screen the raised vegetable garden. Water features run down the hillside with a natural spring in front of the house that feeds a rill, a vanishing edge pond, a duck pond with lush vegetation and a new bog area. Circular shapes are echoed throughout the various levels of this delightful and informally tended garden, which is richly planted with trees and shrubs.

Next, we will be the guests of Anne and Jeremy Lodwick for lunch at Ashley Manor, their historic manor house in a charming rural setting, where there will be time to visit their garden, with its herbaceous borders, parterre, topiary and avenue of Oriental plane trees. Our third visit of the day is to wonderful Charlton Farm, home of creative artist and knowledgeable plantswoman Sarah Rivett-Carnac, our host for the afternoon. Sarah has designed her own extensive organic garden over the past 11 years, from what was an empty field. Sarah’s aim has been to allow in as much nature as possible while using plants to design a space filled with colour and variety, balancing formality and informality. There is great contrast between the intimate and the more expansive spaces across more than three cultivated acres, with herbaceous borders, a gravel garden, woodland, box parterre, cutting garden and a shrub walk. A further three acres were planted with trees in 2016. Impactful changes of level have helped to generate interest in what was once a blank flat canvas. Our day will end with afternoon tea in the garden.

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Image: © Alex Kininmonth and Sarah Rivett-Carnac