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Flower Pressing Workshop

Learn the art of flower pressing with JamJar Flowers in this hands on workshop. Create your own pressed flower artwork using pre-pressed garden flowers and a delicate brass frame. JamJar will demonstrate their methods for successfully pressing seasonal flowers and retaining their colour,  and will have presses for sale should you wish to purchase and pursue the art of flower pressing at home.

Amy Fielding / JamJar Edit

  • Bio


    Alongside JamJar Flowers Founder Melissa Richardson, Amy Fielding heads up the JamJar studio as well as their recently established e-commerce site JamJar Edit. Melissa’s approach to floristry, which celebrates seasonal flowers in all their glory, along with Amy’s love of modernist design, led to the launch of the Edit, which specialises in flower pressing and beautifully designed botanically inspired gifts.

    Their flower pressing story began when invited by British fashion label Mulberry to make pressed flower invitations for their SS15 fashion show. Similar projects quickly followed, and a new found obsession with the craft of pressing flowers led to more ambitious installations for the likes of Rakes Progress Magazine and Sketch in Mayfair. An invitation from a private client to create a bespoke wall of pressed flowers with specimens picked from the land around his home was a dream commission, and one that has led JamJar to not only create similar works of art but to offer clients the opportunity to preserve a favourite plant, a bouquet or even an entire garden.

    JamJar now hold regular flower pressing workshops, and sell a collection of framed pressed flowers, and flower pressing accessories online via jamjaredit.co.uk.