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Beautiful & Useful Craft Fair 2022

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" - William Morris

The Beautiful & Useful Craft Fair returns to the Garden Museum this December, gathering some of Britain’s best designer-makers for a unique Christmas shopping experience.

Now in its fifth year, the carefully curated selection of artists, designers and makers will include playful ceramic pots and vases from Atelier Stella, exquisite miniature plant paintings by artist Allison Sylvester, lino-printed textile goods by Kiran Ravilious, Laura Baxter’s botanically inspired jewellery, Sussex Willow’s traditionally woven baskets, and ethically produced Scottish spun lambswool knitwear by Jo Cranston.

The award-winning Garden Café will also be open serving seasonal lunch, drinks and freshly-baked treats. An exhibition exploring Lucian Freud’s paintings of plants and gardens – Lucian Freud: Plant Portraits – will also be open as an optional ticket upgrade on the day.


  • Allison Sylvester

    Allison Sylvester

    Allison Sylvester is an artist printmaker and tutor who lives and works in Totnes, Devon. She makes exquisite miniature plant paintings, leaf print cards, pictures and large scale paintings, in a calming, cool palette; all inspired by the hedgerows and woodlands around her.

  • Atelier Stella

    Atelier Stella

    Atelier Stella is a contemporary ceramic studio founded in 2012, creating stylishly playful vases, planters and homewares that bring a smile to your face. The collection is influenced by mid-century ceramics from Cornwall, Sweden and Finland, using geometric shapes, forms and patterns to create beautiful, unique, handmade objects to treasure.

  • Bee Bowen

    Bee Bowen

    Bee Bowen Handcrafted Luxury Botanically-dyed silk and wool scarfs & clothing made by hand using foraged flora. The leaves, flowers and fronds are placed in the folds of the fabric and heated with rain water to create an infusion of colours and patterns, extracted wholly from plant pigments. Each piece is unique.

  • Clare Dales

    Clare Dales

    A range of lino print and hand drawn illustrations, books and the popular Miniature High Street. Clare’s background in architecture inspires pieces from the built and natural form, drawing parallels between the two, to design unique works. With a desire to evolve and create, Clare’s more recent additions are printed Sussex Trugs and greenhouses, with drawn plants and insects. Mixed media using dipping pens and coloured pencils allows a lustre and individuality. Inspiration is everywhere. Learning to swim aged 40 resulted in the most recent book, Ponds Pools & Lidos richly illustrated with lino prints.

  • Jo Cranston

    Jo Cranston

    Jo Cranston designs and makes luxury knitwear, using ethically produced Scottish spun lambswool. Graduating from Brighton in 1991, Jo worked in New York and London before starting her own label, stocking stores across the US and UK including Paul Smith, Takashimaya and Harvey Nichols. Jo’s studio is now situated between the sea and the Sussex Downs, a unique landscape that is reflected in her strong sense of colour and design. Accessories are made in small batches with a focus on craftsmanship, sustainability and longevity. Using soft durable lambswool, organic labels and recycled card tags create a fully recyclable and biodegradable product.

  • Justine Jenner Pottery

    Justine Jenner Pottery

    Justine Jenner has been making wheel thrown, contemporary table and domestic ware from her workshop in the South Downs National Park since 2013 and now sells through galleries around the UK. Using white, earthenware clay, she seeks to throw beautiful pots that function well, are comfortable and tactile to hold and whose form and colours add beauty and grace to a home. Through the interplay of colour on each pot, she is seeking to explore harmony and dissonance in terms of proportion and shade and its interaction with the ceramic form. Each piece is handmade and therefore unique. Each piece is a love letter to her craft, a postcard along the way of a designer and maker.

  • Kiran Ravilious

    Kiran Ravilious

    Kiran Ravilious is a pattern designer who uses lino printing to develop her designs for textiles and paper goods. Her designs have a hint of the tropics to them as she was raised in Singapore. While never strictly botanical, her work is a unique fusion of very different inspirations: the lush tropical growth of her homeland with the delicate patterns of English nature. Her style draws on both the age-old hand printing techniques of S.E. Asia, and the legacy of her husband's artistic family.

  • Laura Baxter

    Laura Baxter

    Laura Baxter handcrafts silver and gold botanically inspired jewellery which captures the simplistic delicacy of nature. Her jewellery is well known for its graphic and stylised interpretation of plants. Twigs, buds, blossom and leaf structures are abstracted and magnified in different scales to create graphic silhouettes of nature.
    Laura’s work is informed by a love of gardening, plants, flowers and birdlife. The intention of her work is to create wearable pieces of nature which capture the essence and beauty of plants. Laura also makes one-off pieces of jewellery using ethically sourced natural gemstones. These have an organic feel, embracing natural inclusions and unique imperfections.

  • Lesley Frankland

    Lesley Frankland

    Weaving found me at college and I fell under its spell. I enjoy the technical, methodical process and rhythm; love the endless possibilities of colour and weave, especially double cloth, where each side of the cloth can be quite different in colour and pattern. I am inspired by anything that catches my eye - colours, textures and rhythms; working towards finding dynamic patterns. Abstracting ideas into strong, contemporary, active designs with a modernist aesthetic. Colours quietly singing. My weaving aims to enhance the best qualities of a natural fibre (silk, wool or linen) in thoughtfully designed woven fabrics, that look elegant and feel fabulous.

  • Maj Makes

    Maj Makes

    Maj designs and makes all her own environmentally friendly products from vintage Liberty fabric and waxed cotton. Her beautiful and useful products often combine ‘gifted’ fabrics. The products make great gifts and appeal to a wide range of people. They include super-long hot water bottles, silk eyemasks, reusable wipes, glasses cases, headbands, wash bags and lavender pouches.

  • Maude Made

    Maude Made

    Unbleached cotton tea towels decorated with Maude Smith’s charming paintings.

  • Mind the Cork

    Mind the Cork

    Founded by designer Jenny Espírito Santo, mind the cork has a passion for cork and a mission to bring nature and joy into our homes. Considered craftsmanship, innovation and eco-friendly design are the ethe at the heart of mind the cork - I believe sustainable design has to be planet AND people friendly, which means being inclusive, accessible and considerate to our natural environment.

  • Mountain & Molehill

    Mountain & Molehill

    Elizabeth sources antique animal etchings which she edits and collages to create a beautiful print which honours the old prints but brings them right up to date. Ideas often come from a witty take on the images she finds in the old encyclopaedias she collects. She is best known for her range of lampshades which are more than just appealing lighting as they provide a strong statement in a room. All of her designs are produced with a story in mind and a desire to raise a smile from a moment of nostalgia and recognition. The mix of old illustrations with the stylish monochrome of the designs means that they are equally suited to a classic home or a modern flat making them an excellent choice for most tastes.

  • MW Makes

    MW Makes

    MW Makes is a leather goods brand set up by Michelle Wong in 2017. Developed through a passion for design and craftsmanship, MW Makes creates handcrafted leather goods for the everyday. Influenced by a background in architecture, each item is carefully designed with an emphasis on simple geometries, clean lines and functionality. All products are handmade from a selection of European vegetable-tanned leathers, which is tanned using tannins extracted from vegetable matter such as chestnut and bark. Vegetable-tanned leather ages with use, forming a patina and character which is unique to its owner.

  • Naked Clay Ceramics

    Naked Clay Ceramics

    Quiet, tactile, handmade stoneware and porcelain homeware. Made by hand in small batches in my studio in Bedfordshire. Finished with no glaze on the outside. The natural feel of naked fired clay in your hands for joyful moments every day. For caring, sharing, grounding and connecting.

  • Robyn Hardyman

    Robyn Hardyman

    Robyn Hardyman works with porcelain, making functional and decorative wheel-thrown vessels – bowls, vases, moon jars and more. Elegance and balance define the pared back simplicity of her work. She is drawn to porcelain’s combination of delicacy and strength, and the pure surface it offers for glazes. The pieces are thrown to a fine and delicate finish. She relishes exploring glaze colours and textures that complement the restrained forms. Her colour palette is cool – blues, greys, pale greens and creams – calming and harmonious.

  • Rosa Harradine

    Rosa Harradine

    Rosa Harradine makes brushes and brooms using natural materials: various plant fibres, wood, hemp and cotton, and aims to make pieces that are beautiful as well as useful. She owns a small patch of land where she harvests wood for making broom handles, and her long-term goal is to grow her own fibre for making brooms, as well as plants for making natural dyes. Rosa strives to leave a small impact on the earth and this would be the ultimate in her quest for sustainability. Rosa was chosen as a TOAST New Maker 2022 by the fashion and homewares brand who selected five makers demonstrating excellence in skill, originality and craftsmanship

  • Sussex Willow

    Sussex Willow

    Dominic is a basketmaker who specialises in frame baskets from British and European traditions. These baskets combine the strength required for their original purpose as harvesting baskets with the beauty of well designed forms. Dominic makes constructed baskets such as the Sussex Trug and Devon Stave as well as woven forms including a foraging and harvesting baskets based traditional Breton designs.

  • Tiki


    Established in 2009 by French jeweller Cécile Gilbert, Tiki encapsulates a collection of eye-catching contemporary pieces, made from polyester resin and oxidised Sterling silver. Taking inspiration from vintage Bakelite jewellery along with Art Deco and Midcentury Modern design, she has evolved a distinctive style, focusing on form, tactility and colour. Cécile handcrafts a wide spectrum of eclectic pieces, from long statement necklaces, striking bangles and slim bracelets to drop earrings, circular brooches and chunky rings. Each Tiki jewel is meticulously handmade in Cecile’s Brighton studio. All are one-of-a-kind, slightly differing in pattern, ensuring that your piece is unique.

  • Tom's Studio

    Tom's Studio

    The idea for Tom's business came from watching his wife Gemma use a plastic mass-produced calligraphy pen which he felt didn't match the quality of her beautiful work. With his background in furniture and product design which he studied at university and his experience of working in a blacksmith's forge, he decided to make her a better pen that she would love using every day. After 6 years of designing and making, he has created a range of creative tools that go beyond just calligraphy and are used and loved by creative folks across the world.

  • Wax Atelier

    Wax Atelier

    Wax Atelier re-visits traditional techniques ranging from candle dipping, paper making, to crafted textiles using natural wax. Making becomes a tool to experience the interconnection between the natural world and material culture. WAX Atelier was founded in 2017 by multi-disciplinary designers Lola Lely and Yesenia Thibault-Picazo, in London. Our products are manufactured in Poplar, East London, by a team of trained artisans, originating from the local community.

Image: MW Makes