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Editing videos at the Garden Museum

Andrea’s personal experience at the Garden Museum:

My name is Andrea, I’m an 18 years old student from Italy. I have been in London for a month thanks to the “Erasmus Plus Workstar” project, and it’s been wonderful:

I’ve been placed here by CPV (Centro Produzione Veneto, the Veneto’s production centre) and I have to say I’ve been very lucky! It’s hard for me to think about a better work situation than the one I’m in.

My job is about video editing and graphic design, so I often work on my own in front of a computer without really involving anyone, that allows me to be very free in terms of time and work organization and rest.

Andrea working
Andrea working

I think I couldn’t have asked for a better workplace! In addition, I’m doing the kind of things I would love to do in my “job life” :).

My colleagues are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and it’s a pleasure for me to work with all of them: if I’m having any kind of issue, they would help me as best as they can, and that’s really honorable.

I’m here as a volunteer, just one of the eighty they have, and I would surely suggest anyone of any age to come and try volunteering (even if you’re not an expert in art or gardening, like me 🙂 ), it’s a wonderful experience!

Crows up on the tower
Crows up on the tower

During my experience something that happened really touched me: we had a problem with crows, that made their nest up on the tower we have here in the Museum. As they are not very friendly animals (and also because they are endangered species), we had to close the tower to the public, for maybe 3 or 4 months. The staff weren’t upset or sad about this bad news, actually they were happy that a lovely crow family would have grown on the tower; I would have never thought about such a nice and “animal-friendly” reaction, and that really surprised me in a positive way.

Working here as an Italian student is not just about learning English and experiencing a job, it’s also (and most importantly) about understanding different ways of thinking, easiest ways of managing a job and working in a more enjoyable environment with fabulous and mature people.

I will never be enough grateful for the opportunity I have been given!

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