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The ‘Boome’ Cup

An engraved silver cup with two handles ending in dragon heads on a black Bakelite base with a silver plaque engraved with the names of the winners. The ‘Boome’ cup was initially presented to the Staff Sports Association of the LCC’s Public Health Department for the Men’s swimming relay race and was won in 1938 by the London Ambulance Service. The donor, Dr E.J. Boome transferred the cup to the LCC Staff Horticultural Society in 1948 where it was presented as an annual award for Chrysanthemums. Dr E.J. Boome is referred to in LCC medical reports into child health from the 1920s and in 1931 he co-authored a book ‘The nature and treatment of stammering’ from the work done in speech clinics. The cup was donated to the Garden Museum in 1988 when the GLC was disbanded.

Ref: 1999.087





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