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Benton End: A photo essay by Lottie Hampson

Benton End house and gardens in Hadleigh, Suffolk is the former home of celebrated artist and gardener Sir Cedric Morris (1889 – 1982) and artist, Arthur Lett-Haines (1894–1978). In 2020 Benton End was majority gifted to the Garden Museum by two exceptional Patrons with the intention that the house and garden might be revived and opened to the public once again. We are now exploring ideas for the house with the support of a specialist advisory panel, and have recently appointed James Horner as Head GardenerWe hope to revive Benton End as a place of art and horticulture, learning and friendship. 

The Benton End team recently commissioned photographer Lottie Hampson to capture the house and gardens as a record of this quiet, transitional moment in time.

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