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The Secret Garden Online Learning Resources

The Garden Museum has worked with Evelina Hospital School in the past on a project with artist Katie Spragg where we went into the hospital school and worked with the children 1:1 making clay birds inspired by artist Rudi Patterson. The resulting pottery birds were displayed alongside paintings produced by pupils in November 2018.

We started planning a new arts project with Evelina Hospital School in 2020 which was going to celebrate 70 years of the NHS with Katie running 3 sessions in April and May 2020. Unfortunately, this was not able to happen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have recently been able to begin partnership projects again.  In June 2022, Katie delivered two remote sessions for children and young people on the wards.  We made use of the green screen and filming equipment set up in the school along with the expertise of their IT consultant in order for this to happen.  The sessions were recorded to enable a broader range of children to participate in the project.

Each child was given a bag / kit of materials and equipment which was adapted in relation to individual needs.  Evelina Hospital School staff supported both primary and secondary children as they participated in Katie’s session (either live or at a later time).  Children then had the option to spend further time on their boxes over the following weeks and paint them.

Plasticine Techniques

Secret Garden Box