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Sponsored Swim: Day Four Log

Monday 9th November 2020

Wednesday was Day Four of Christopher’s sponsored swim to save the Garden Museum! Christopher reports it was a beautiful, sunny day and he managed to completed 6 miles of swimming. This means he has made it one mile past Wolf Rock Lighthouse, which is the half way point to the first of the Isles of Scilly. To show his sponsors what reaching this milestone was like, Christopher has made the above summary of his Day Four swim.

However, lockdown stopped play as Newlyn harbour is now restricted to essential shipping activities. Christopher will be back in the water in December, if lockdown ends and the weather is good enough, or as soon as he can in the spring.

And, excitingly, those of you in London may wish to tune in to BBC London News at 18:30 to see Christopher explaining why he is swimming on the television!