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Memories of Working with Spry

In these films Penny Snell, former student of Spry and now Vice-President of the National Gardens Scheme, looks back on her memories of working with Constance Spry, including when they were commissioned to decorate the Covent Garden Opera House for a royal visit from the Shah of Iran, hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.

When war in Europe came to an end in 1945, London once again became the centre for visits from foreign dignitaries and Spry and her team were often engaged to decorate the Royal Opera House for performances to mark official visits and state occasions.

In 1953 Spry worked with the Minister of works, David Eccles, to coordinate plans for the Coronation of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. She stage managed the design of flowers for the processional route and inside the Abbey. Together with Rosemary Hume, she designed the food and décor for the luncheon in Westminster school, at which she served for the first time coronation chicken.

In the same week she designed the flowers for a state banquet, given by the Government in honour of the The Queen at Lancaster House and a Royal Gala Performance at the Royal Opera House.