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Jane Jacobs Day: Ideas for a Greener London

This talk was part of the Garden Museum’s inaugural Jane Jacobs Day, a day of activities celebrating the renowned urban theorist, writer, and activist Jane Jacobs, most famously known for her book ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities’ (1961).

Inspired by the work of writer, urban theorist, and activist Jane Jacobs, this panel discussion chaired by Evan Davis presents ideas of how we can envision a brighter, greener, and better future for London.

Speakers include architect Alex Arestis on the development of an urban arboretum; academic Dr Morag Rose on walking together to shape the planet; Oli Mould on the futures of golf courses and community gardens; writer George Hudson on why utilities are the problem; architect Mary Duggan on architectural procurement; @fungi.futures founder Maymana Arefin on mycelium networks and their liberatory futures; and founding director of Create Streets Nicholas Boys Smith on what Jane Jacobs got right about happy and prosperous neighbourhoods.