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Spry: Grow Your Own, Food & Seasonality with Sarah Raven and Matt Collins

Constance Spry was an avid veg gardener, publishing Come into the Garden, Cook during the war in 1942. And over the past year as the country’s attention turned to discovering nature on their doorsteps, for many this meant growing their own food.

In this online talk, experienced food and plant growers Sarah Raven and Matt Collins (Garden Museum Head Gardener), share their food-growing stories, and look at how growing your own can change your relationship to food, nature, and to the seasons themselves.

  • Sarah Raven

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    Sarah Raven

    Sarah Raven is a woman of many talents: she has worked as a doctor at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and is now a broadcaster, teacher and writer. Since the publication of her first book The Cutting Garden she has led the way over the last two decades in introducing a new kind of productive gardening which fuses intense colour, elegance and do-ability, bridging all kinds of gardening from dark rich dahlia glories to subtler smoky modern colours of poppies, roses, sweet peas, and all kinds of vegetable deliciousness. She runs her own gardening and cookery school at Perch Hill in East Sussex, and is the author of many books. She is currently working on a book on colour.

  • Matt Collins

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    Matt Collins

    Matt is a garden & landscape writer, and Head Gardener at the Garden Museum in London.

    Trained at the Botanic Garden of Wales, Matt contributes articles on horticulture, nature and travel for publications including The Guardian, Spectator, RHS’s The Garden and Hortus Journal. He writes a monthly column for the Daily Telegraph and book reviews for Gardens Illustrated. Matt has several books published internationally by Pavilion Books.

    ​Matt’s interests lie at the intersection between cultivated and natural environments; his latest book, Forest, Walking Among Trees traces an intercontinental pathway between British trees and their wild-wooded counterparts, and was shortlisted for an Edward Stanford Travel Writing award.

    Matt is a member of the Garden Media Guild