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Living Medicine | Seasonal Self Care, Autumn

What effect do seasons and their rhythms have on our health? What opportunities do nature’s gardens and green spaces offer us as nourishment and healing across the year?

Autumn | Seed and Berry

Character of the season: cool, moving inwards/up to seeds, storing, darker
Food:  warming, storing, immune-stimulating, pungent
Health: support immunity
Remedies: antimicrobial spray, throat gargle
Recipes: beans, squashes & their seeds, roots, mushrooms, blackberries, rosehip puree, elderberries
Drinkselderberry rob, antiviral decocted tea

Living Medicine

  • Alex Laird

    Alex Laird

    Alex Laird is a plant medicine educator and author of ‘Root to Stem’ a guide to seasonal food and plant remedies.
    A medical herbalist, she has been running teaching clinics in hospital dermatology and breast cancer support for the past 20 years. Alex is a visiting lecturer and has carried out herbal medicine research with GPs. She founded the charity Living Medicine to teach self care and the safe use of plants and food within mainstream healthcare, reviving our cultural traditions. The longterm vision is to create a beautiful World Living Medicine garden and centre of excellence linking medicinal gardens worldwide.