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Workshop | Contemporary Floral Arrangement with Wagner Kreusch

This workshop is part of the Public Programme for the exhibition of Constance Spry

Wagner Kreusch, contemporary floral designer, leads this workshop in floral arrangements with a modern twist.

Inspired by Constance Spry, Wagner’s use of unexpected materials, simple forms and respect for nature creates naturally asymmetric but beautifully contrived arrangements.

Workshop Leader

  • Wagner Kreusch

    Wagner Kreusch

    WAGNER KREUSCH is a London based florist born in Brazil best known for his long career dedicated to teaching floristry and his sculptural work highly inspired by contemporary Ikebana.
    The son of a florist, his contact with nature developed at an early age. Having spent his youth in the countryside, Wagner had the unique chance to experience untouched natural environments that are now in constant threat to his native country.

    After completing a BA in Graphic Design, he moved to London in 2011. His journey into the floristry world started a few years later in a flower kiosk in Liverpool Street Station. During this period, Wagner started his studies at the renowned SOGETSU SCHOOL OF IKEBANA under the supervision of the late Ikebana master and former director of Sogetsu London, Mr Shigeo Suga. Wagner is a certified Sogetsu teacher simultaneously practicing and teaching the art form today.

    In 2013, he was offered a position at MCQUEENS where he worked for many years designing for 5-star hotels, ultimately becoming the head teacher of the school. This experience was the beginning of a journey into floristry education that would give him a chance to travel the world to share his passion.

    After helping florists on their journey, he co-founded the LONDON FLOWER SCHOOL in 2017 which has become renowned around the world for pushing boundaries of education in the flower industry. As LFS Co-founder and Creative Director, Wagner’s focus was to bring awareness to floristry as an art form and to use his voice as a teacher to serve the industry that he is so passionate about. At LFS, Wagner had the chance to lead a team of creative minds that explored the possibilities of floristry as a tool of self-expression, creating multisensorial installations in the UK’s top venues as well as developing flower courses that engaged students to explore floristry as an expression of culture.
    Within the last year Wagner took the opportunity to be fully immersed in the garden, embarking on a new journey to develop his art practice bringing to the foreground consciousness around the profession of floristry in the hope that more people can experience it's powerful healing qualities as well as highlighting awareness on the fragility of our natural environments.