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Why Women Grow: Live Podcast Recording with Hazel Gardiner

We are delighted to be hosting a live recording of the Why Women Grow podcast, with special guest Hazel Gardiner.

What draws women to the earth, and why do we garden? These are the questions author Alice Vincent and floral designer and broadcaster Hazel Gardiner will be discussing during a live recording for the Why Women Grow podcast. Hazel was the first woman interviewed for Alice’s bestselling book Why Women Grow in 2020.

Four years on and what began as a question – why do we grow – has blossomed into a critically acclaimed book, chart-topping podcast and, now, a photography exhibition at the Garden Museum opening 20 March 2024. Friends and sometimes colleagues, Alice and Hazel will delve into the personal tethers that keep bringing them back to the land in a lively, intimate and warm conversation.


  • Alice Vincent

    Alice Vincent

    Alice Vincent is a writer, broadcaster and multi-platform storyteller fascinated by the often-overlooked parts of life. Her books include the bestselling Why Women Grow: Stories of Soil, Sisterhood and Survival, which was shortlisted in the 2023 Books Are My Bag Readers Awards and Rootbound, Rewilding a Life. Both were longlisted for the Wainwright Prize.

    Beyond the page, Alice is the host of the Why Women Grow podcast – which topped the British podcast charts during its first week and unearths stories of the land with inspiring women.

  • Hazel Gardiner

    Hazel Gardiner

    Hazel Gardiner is an event florist, broadcaster and gardener. Working with internationally renowned brands her work embraces the mixing of materials, mediums and styles often inspired by her dual heritage. She has experience in large scale event design and installation, creative marketing and digital content creation. Hazel is committed to attracting a new, more diverse audience to the wonders of the natural world by promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity in her work.

Image: Siobhan Calder