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The Gardening Drawing Club: Cyclamen

Join The Gardening Drawing Club for a short tour of our courtyard garden and Lucian Freud: Plant Portraits, followed by a drawing and painting class for adults focusing on the cyclamen, a delicate winter flower which Freud painted many times.

In this workshop in the Clore Learning Space, we will learn about cyclamen, a small hardy perennial plant that often comes to symbolise love, devotion and empathy across cultures. We will focus on Cyclamen Coum, which usually flowers between January and March. It is a flower cherished by many as it may bring joy in the darker winter month.

Together we will look at the delicate flowers before painting and drawing them. In the second part of the session, we will plant cyclamen and learn how to care for them. All materials will be provided, and no prior experience is necessary. Plants and artwork may be taken home at the end of this session.

The paints employed in this workshop are made of plants and stone pigments, offering participants a memorable experience. Artist and gardener Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck will facilitate this workshop


  • The Gardening Drawing Club

    The Gardening Drawing Club

    Founded in 2021, The Gardening Drawing Club is a series of unique events with a holistic approach
    offering free access to arts and horticulture in Britain. With monthly happenings, The Gardening
    Drawing is hosted in a broad range of locations, from art centres to community gardens and
    temples; the events range from workshops to talks and experiences. Veganic gardening methods are
    employed through The Gardening Drawing Club, advocating for gentleness and compassion while
    supporting seed sovereignty, racial, climate and land justice and reparation, biodiversity, and animal

    The Gardening Drawing Club has a shared mission to integrate the joys of gardening and drawing
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  • Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck

    Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck

    Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck (b.1990, Strasbourg, France) is a painter, transdisciplinary artist and
    cultural practitioner artist based in rural Oxfordshire (England). Her practice composed of painting,
    drawing, installation, sculpture, film, photography and writing often conceals ecological messages,
    rendered in soft and delicate methods. In several of the artist’s projects, interaction with the
    environment and others plays a central role.

    Photograph by Nishant Shukla, 2022. Commission by Grain Magazine, France

Image: Photography and painting by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck