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The Botanique Heritage Series | Empowerment Doll Workshop

Make a traditional 'topsy-turvy' doll waring a dress of royal African print to honour the heritage of Antigua and Barbuda in this beginners workshop.

‘Botanique Empowerment Dolls’ are adapted from traditional Antiguan and Barbudan dolls, reflecting the heritage of the Caribbean islands. Referred to as topsy-turvy dolls in many parts of the Caribbean as they are reversible, the dolls depict black girls and women wearing madras Antiguan and Barbudan national dress on one side, and a royal Kente African print on the other, honouring their African heritage. The empowerment dolls hold a book, a laptop, or a mobile phone.

We are privileged to be joined by Botanique designer Mosia Challenger from Antigua for this workshop. Participants will be provided with a two hour beginners introduction.

Workshop leader

  • Mosia Challenger, The Botanique Fashion Designer

    Mosia Challenger, The Botanique Fashion Designer

    Mosia Challenger is a gifted creative designer who was born with a needle and thread in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and professional civil servant.

    She was given her first sewing machine by her dad at the tender age of four and her mom taught her all she knew about sewing. This investment at such an early age has allowed her passion for fashion design to flourish and expand. Her love for experimenting has allowed her the courage to create a wide variety of collections. Wedding gowns, evening wear, infant wear, accessories, printed-products, and craft collectibles such as the Botanique Empowerment Doll are just a few of Mosia’s creations to date.