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Talk | An Evening with Hilton Carter & Alice Vincent

Join us to celebrate the publication of Hilton Carter’s new book, The Propagation Handbook (CICO Books), a guide to propagating houseplants.

Not only a plant lover, Hilton is passionate about propagation. In this talk, Hilton talks you through the process of propagating houseplants and explains all the necessary techniques, from the very simplest to more complex methods, such as air layering and grafting. In Hilton’s words: “You hear so much about plant ‘parenthood’, but knowing how to propagate and then watching as your little plant takes shape and develops into a full-grown plant is the very definition of this.”

He addresses frequently asked questions such as: where is the best place on a plant to make a cut? How long will it take for a cutting to grow roots? and much more. He also presents a wealth of easy-to-implement guidelines to get readers growing plus how to propagate in style.

The evening will begin with a walkthrough of the book and propagation. He will then be in conversation with Alice Vincent (Author of Why Women Grow) to discuss his latest book and love of houseplants.

Why not stay for dinner and treat yourself to our award-winning Garden Café? We recommend pre-booking a table to guarantee your space.


  • Hilton Carter

    Hilton Carter

    Hilton Carter is an interior and plant stylist, artist, and author who is passionate about plants and using them to style his own home and the homes of others. Hilton shares his knowledge of plant care and styling with a large community of plant loves via his social media channels. He recently released his third highly anticipated gardening collection with Target and is in talks to collaborate with the brand for years to come. Hilton is one of the experts selected by Joanna and Chip Gaines for their Magnolia Network digital TV series Magnolia Workshops. He makes frequent appearances on NBC’s Today Show and is the subject of a PBS TV special entitled Living Wild: Plant-spiration with Hilton Carter. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife Fiona and daughter Holland.

  • Alice Vincent

    Alice Vincent

    Alice Vincent is a writer, broadcaster and multi-platform storyteller fascinated by the often-overlooked parts of life. Her books include the bestselling Why Women Grow: Stories of Soil, Sisterhood and Survival, which was shortlisted in the 2023 Books Are My Bag Readers Awards and Rootbound, Rewilding a Life. Both were longlisted for the Wainwright Prize.
    Beyond the page, Alice is the host of the Why Women Grow podcast – which topped the British podcast charts during its first week and unearths stories of the land with inspiring women.