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‘Rootbound: Rewilding a Life’ Book Launch

Join us for the launch of urban gardening champion Alice Vincent’s new book Rootbound.

Mixing memoir, horticulture and history, Rootbound (Canongate, January 2020) examines how bringing a little bit of the outside in can help us find our feet in a world spinning far too fast.

During her talk Alice will introduce the horticultural heroes who inspired and informed Rootbound, from Victorian teenage fern-hunters and intrepid women plant-hunters to the guerrilla gardeners who transformed New York and London, and explain how their stories connect to her own hunt for nature in the midst of city existence.

The discussion will be followed by a book signing.

‘Reading this book is like breathing fresh spring air. Rootbound is achingly honest and earthily good, a beautiful hymn to wild hope, strength and tenderness, in nature and in ourselves. I loved it’

Charlotte Runcie, author of Salt on Your Tongue

This event is part of our upcoming Overwinter programme in partnership with Seedlip.

  • About Alice Vincent

    About Alice Vincent

    Alice Vincent is an author, journalist and self-taught urban gardener. She has kept a column with The Telegraph since 2014, and brought out her first book, How to Grow Stuff: no stress gardening for beginners, in March 2017. She documents her growing adventures through Instagram and a newsletter under Noughticulture.

  • About Rootbound

    About Rootbound

    When she was a girl, Alice Vincent loved her grandfather’s garden – the freedom, the calm, the beauty of it. Twenty years later, living in a tiny flat in South London, that childhood in the garden feels like a dream.

    When she suddenly finds herself uprooted, heartbroken, living out of a suitcase and yearning for the comfort of home, Alice starts to plant seeds. She nurtures pot plants and vines on windowsills and draining boards, filling every new space with green, and with each unfurling petal and budding leaf, she begins to come back to life.

    Mixing memoir, botanical history and biography, Rootbound examines how bringing a little bit of the outside in, can help us find our feet in a world spinning far too fast.