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Pascal Cribier: A Gardener’s Journey

This event celebrates and marks the launch of the publication of A Gardener’s Journey, written by Pascal Cribier.

Pascal Cribier was one of the most notable and influential French landscape gardeners of his generation. Toward the end of his life, he prepared a major monograph entitled “Itinéraires d’un jardinier”. This masterpiece has now been augmented and translated into English.

At this special event Tania Compton will chair a talk with those who knew Pascal:

Rosamond Brown, close friend of Pascal Cribier whose garden was designed by Pascal

Daphné Charles-Lefranc

Marc Jeanson, agronomist and botanist, secretary of the “Association des Amis de Pascal Cribier”

Woolton House

Attendees at this evening will also have the opportunity to visit Woolton House in Hampshire on 5th July for lunch and an afternoon tour of the gardens designed by Pascal Cribier led by Rosamond Brown. Tickets for this are strictly limited in number and only those who attend the talk can come to Woolton.

Transport will not be included, but there is plenty of parking at Woolton House and lunch is included.

Ticket numbers are strictly limited. To book your tickets to the afternoon tour please purchase a ticket for the talk, and also the “Add on” of Woolton House. Please note that only attendees at the book launch for “A Gardener’s Journey” can visit Woolton House.

Pascal Cribier

  • Biography


    Born in 1953, an architect since 1978, and landscape gardener since he discovered the world of plant nurseries, Pascal Cribier was more often in the field than in his studio.

    As one who likes outspokenness, he comes up with ideas and avenues for a garden of tomorrow, respecting above all living things and nature’s resources. Because for him, a garden is not a pastiche, nor is it a set designed by computer, but a place where economic issues, and questions of maintenance and upkeep take precedence over formal and aesthetic aspects.
    Pascal always set great store by friendship. He loved what he called “affinity projects” in which the joys of work and affection were tightly intertwined.

Speaker Biographies

  • Marc Jeanson

    Marc Jeanson

    Born in 1981 Marc Jeanson is a French agronomist and botanist. During his PhD at The New York Botanical Garden he specialized in the systematics and taxonomy of a group of southeast asian Palms. He is, since 2013, the curator of the French National Herbarium at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. Interested in the dialogue and complementary knowledges of gardners and botanists, Marc is also scientific advisor of the "Rencontres Botanique de Varengeville" created by Pascal Cribier in 2012 and taking place in the gardens of Varengeville sur Mer (Normandy, France), and has recently been invited by Madison Cox to participate in the "Colloque Botanique" organized since 2012 by the "Jardin Majorelle" in Marrakech (Marocco).
    He is also currently involved in different exhibitions projects and co-curated the exhibition "Jardins" at the Grand Palais in 2017.
    Since 2016 Marc is the secretary of the "Association des Amis de Pascal Cribier".