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Life Drawing Class | Lucian Freud: Drawing Plant Portraits

Back for a second session by popular demand! Join London Drawing Group for a Freud-inspired life drawing collaboration with the Garden Museum.

Lucian Freud is infamous for his gritty, fleshy nudes, and so inspired by our new exhibition Lucian Freud: Plant Portraits, London Drawing Group will be offering a life drawing class like no other. Set against the soaring backdrop of our central nave space, and nestled amongst a backdrop of lush plants, our incredible model Lily will be posing in, with and amongst our leafy friends.

Few people know that Freud was also a prolific painter of plants. Plants appear alongside his human subjects, in their own right s individual ‘plant portraits’, or as tangled, knotty landscapes of his London garden. Indeed, aside from his human subjects, plants were perhaps of Freud’s greatest painting obsession, appearing throughout his sixty-plus year oeuvre.

Through this class, we’ll be exploring the unique ways in which Freud approached drawing with bespoke exercises designed to offer new insights into the point where the human and vegetal intersect.

Led by Luisa Maria MacCormack, tickets will include access to the exhibition and guided instruction from Luisa throughout our Life Drawing class.

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    About London Drawing Group

    London Drawing Group is an all-female art collective founded in 2016 by Luisa-Maria MacCormack, Lucy Mcgeown and Frances Stanfield. LDG runs a public program of unique classes in London and online, with a core ethos of making drawing accessible to everyone.