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Green London | Creating Urban Abundance, Gardening Your Estate 

Join us for the first in a series of friendly talks on the theme of ‘Green London’ for a conversation about turning the unloved void of grass and trees in your estate into a place of natural urban abundance for your community, by your community. There will be time to hear from and quiz our panel who work on some of London’s most exciting/innovative estate gardening projects.  

We are joined by John Little, founder of The Grass Roof Company who has spent the past 15 years helping reshape the gardens around the Clapton Park Estate, putting the community at the heart of decision making and redefining what an estate green spaces can offer in terms of wildlife, food, and beauty. 

Rose Cowling is a Grower at the Denmark Hill Community Garden, in South London, that became a sanctuary for those on the estate in need of growing space during the lockdowns, with a ‘no barriers to growing’ ethos, though fairly new to the estate gardening scene, they are going form strength to strength and have been successful in applying for funding to expand and develop their growing space. 

More about Green London:  

Our Green London seminars aim to bring together individuals and organisations who share a wish to make London greener, united by a desire for action, not words, to combine vision with practicality. In the same room you will find TFL engineers and guerrilla gardeners, horticultural apprentices and landscape architects, vegetable gardeners and lighting designers. Each month we will share challenges and successes in an audience with a maximum of 30 people. 


  • Rose Cowling

    Rose Cowling

    Rose Cowling is a Grower at the Denmark Hill Community Garden, in South London, that became a sanctuary for those on the estate in need of growing space during the lockdowns.

  • John Little

    John Little

    John Little, started the Grass Roof Company in 1998, and has for many years been involved in gardening public spaces. For 15 years he has worked with the Clapton Park Estate, or ‘Poppy Estate’ as it is known locally, becoming somewhat of an expert in taking care of a public space maintained by residents for residents.

  • George Hudson - Chair

    George Hudson - Chair

    George Hudson is our Green London Curator, working on our Lambeth Green public realm project and new pavilion, as well as organising the Green London talks. Until recently he worked at Walworth Garden, where he ran their plant nursery, and delivered their education programme.