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Garden Visit | Water Features in the City: A London Walking Tour

Water Features in the City - A London Walking Tour

Walk with us to discover water features gems in the City of London and experience the interest and atmosphere they bring to the spaces they occupy.

We will visit nine water features in total, each varying in size, shape and intention – two of which are within pocket parks recently reimagined by Tom Stuart- Smith. Experience, admire, and understand something of how and why each is placed where it is. Whether evoking the spirit of a long-lost tributary to the river Thames, reflecting iconic buildings, or hinting at the history of the place, each has its own story to tell.

The day begins at Exchange Square, where we meet for morning coffee before considering its new cascade and making our acquaintance with the Broadgate Venus. We will stop for lunch beside Smithfield Market and take afternoon tea beneath the spectacular ceiling of a 17th-century Gothic church.

Along the way, we will enjoy the company of Jonathan Wober of London on the Ground. An experienced City Guide, he will share his knowledge and passion for the buildings, alleys, nooks and crannies of this historic heart of London.

There are short walks of varying distances between each stop, none of which is much more than half a mile, we will cover one and half miles before lunch and just over that after. There will be steps to climb as well as some uneven paths – so comfortable clothing and footwear is advised.

Image: Distaff Lane Garden © Wu Jiaji