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Garden Café Supper Club: A Feast from the Jura

An evening of food and wine from the Jura, a region in eastern France known for Comté and vin jaune.

As the winter weather sets in, join us for a warming supper club embracing the rich and hearty flavours of the Jura.

To start, we’ll be serving baked Vacherin with crusty baguettes to dunk. To (sort of) cut through the richness of all that cheese we’ll have Morteau sausage – a smoked pork sausage that is a speciality of the region.

Following this we’ll be dishing up family-style platters of Coq au vin jaune. We’ll be using the traditional blue-footed Bresse chickens for the dish, braising them slowly in a vin jaune-flavoured creamy sauce. Vin jaune is specific to the region, undergoing extensive ageing in oak barrels that results in a sherry-like flavour.

To end this hearty affair we’re doing our best to reign it in a little bit with some red wine-poached pears and a gateau Arboisien (a local hazelnut cake). That said, no meal from the Jura would be complete without a healthy dose of Comté so guests can rest assured we’ll be getting some excellent stuff in from our friends at Mons Affineurs for the occasion.

Once again we’ll be putting together a special wine list to accompany the meal – the area is almost more famous (at least amongst wine afficiondos) for its wine than its food. We’re excited to serve some really special wines.



Baked Vacherin

Coq au vin jaune


Red wine-poached pear and gateau Arboisien