Quinces © Emma Tenntant, Photography by Ben Wood / Island Images
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Emma Tennant In Conversation with Alan Titchmarsh

Painter, gardener, botanist and historian Emma Tennant will be in conversation with Garden Museum Trustee Alan Titchmarsh.

Our spring begins with a botanical journey from the Scillies to Sutherland by the acclaimed artist Emma Tennant, who will exhibit over fifty botanical watercolours in a selling exhibition Emma Tennant: A Botanical Tour of Great Britain (open 6 March – 28 April 2019).

On this occasion Emma will be in conversation with Alan Titchmarsh, a Trustee of the Museum, sharing experiences of her childhood, discovering the famous gardens at Chatsworth and her time as Chairman of the National Trust’s Gardens Advisory Panel.  They will discuss stories of favourite plants ranging from wild flowers to exotic treasures that she has found on her travels round Great Britain and the plant hunters who collected them from distant lands.

“I cannot remember a time when I was not interested in both gardening and painting. I must have been born with a trowel in one hand and a paintbrush in the other.” – Emma Tennant

Image: Emma Tennant