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At Tankten we believe that plants should be celebrated as home décor heroes. This is why we create beautifully simple plant pots that let your plants take centre stage. Our designs have a minimal aesthetic and are the perfect vessel for any style of house plant. Each one is completely unique and handmade in our South London studio using a specialist blend of concrete, a careful balance of pigments and a bit of elbow grease. By adding pigments to the casting mix rather than painting the pots afterwards, the colours become part of the pot. After a 48hr curing period, we hand polish our pots to further enhance concrete’s natural beauty. The final step is to apply an impregnating seal which creates a soft matte finish. Every step of our process is about enhancing our chosen material, concrete, and revealing its beauty.

External: Height – 7.5cm, Diameter – 8cm
Internal: Height – 6.5cm, Diameter – 6cm

External: Height – 9.5cm, Diameter – 10cm
Internal: Height – 9cm, Diameter – 8cm

External: Height – 11.5cm, Diameter – 12cm
Internal: Height – 11cm, Diameter – 9.5cm