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Jessica Cutler Textiles

I’m a Hand Weaver Located in the heart of Devon. I graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2017 with a First Class Honours  Degree in Textile Design. The inspiration for my work stems from my rural surroundings. I’m very fortunate to live in a place where I step outside and am Inspired daily by the beauty of nature. There is an ever-changing pallet of colour, textures and patterns which bring life to my work. As such, I want to ensure that my business is run in a sustainable way and that my products are not impacting on the landscape that I love so much. I ensure that all my products are fully biodegradable and recyclable, each are woven using 100% wool. In a world of fast fashion, it is important to me to make items that are going to last and can, at the end of their life be given back to the landscape they came from.