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24/10/20 – FutureFlowers: making floristry more accessible with SAGE Flowers


Sat 24 October, 11am

Update! Tickets to this talk are now £10 and include entry to the Houseplant Festival after the talk.

Iona Mathieson and Romy St Clair are owners and founders of SAGE Flowers, a floral shop and studio based in Peckham, South London. They have, for some time now, been painfully aware of the inequalities and lack of diversity in the floral industry. There are many socioeconomic barriers to entry for non-white ethnicity people wishing to start working in floristry: a couple being that flower school costs thousands of pounds for a short course, and the expectation of working for free at the start of your career.

To help address the barriers, they’ve launched FutureFlowers, a free training programme for non-white ethnicity people to learn the basics of floristry. Courses run in 3 month cycles, and are almost fully booked to December next year. In this talk, Romy and Iona will discuss why they started FutureFlowers, and how the courses have been going so far.

About SAGE

Started in 2018, SAGE Flowers have gone from strength to strength. They list Rihanna, Glossier, Nike, Gucci, Facebook and Instagram as clients, and have a bricks and mortar floral studio and shop in Peckham.

Inspired by a wide range of art, design and subculture, SAGE’s arrangements are contemporary and modern, often using different floral and non-floral elements to come together as a unique sculptural piece. Form and texture are at the forefront of the design, achieved using a variety of dried and dyed items, as well as fresh flowers.

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