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Spry: Bringing the Garden Inside

Constance Spry’s interior design aesthetic is one bound up within the garden. Her floral decorations became her inspiration for fabric design from curtains to rugs, and the attitude of nothing gets thrown away is one we feel to this day.

Join Molly Mahon, Edward Bulmer and Sophie Coryndon as they discuss the ways their work is imbued with the spirit of Spry, the move towards environmentally sustainable design and role gardens have and will always have in the house.

We apologise for the loss of audio and video part way through this recording.

  • Edward Bulmer

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    Edward Bulmer

    Edward Bulmer is one of Britain’s leading architectural historians, specialising in restoring and decorating historic buildings. He has become deeply involved with ecological issues and is a stylish exponent of practical sustainability in everyday living.

    Edward’s background is in architectural history, picture conservation and interior design. What started over thirty years ago as an assistant’s job in David Mlinaric’s office and then in Alec Cobbe’s studio has led to architectural and decorative commissions in the US and Ireland as well as major works at Althorp, Home House, Goodwood and many other great houses, including Chequers and Chevening.

    In 2003, work on Goodwood House demanded he use only non-toxic and sustainable materials and Edward began analysing so-called ‘eco-friendly’ paint products. This led him to launch his own paint collection in 2006, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, which is now available in over 100 colours.

    Moving from traditional to natural materials is often not a move at all and Edward believes that many practices in historic houses have much to teach us today. The pigment range that he would prepare in the picture restoration studio has remarkable similarities with those he uses now, though he eschews the use of heavy metals owing to their toxicity.

    His work remains centred on his real passion, which is to render our great period houses, practical, beautiful and comfortable – if that can be done while lowering their carbon footprint he sleeps even easier.

  • Sophie Coryndon

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    Sophie Coryndon

    Sophie Coryndon is a British Artist whose work ranges from individual pieces for the UK and international collectors’ market, to bespoke installations and large scale projects. Sophie is represented internationally by Todd Merrill Studio, New York and in the UK via Studio Coryndon.

    Inspired by close observation and appreciation of the natural world and a love of historical ornament; her work spans the worlds of fine and applied art and design. Imaginative and innovative, Coryndon has forged a successful career in a fine art realm using traditional craftsmanship and decorative techniques learnt from her father Nick Coryndon, a renowned English Cabinet Maker. Often material and process driven and employing multiple disciplines including bronze casting, painting, gilding and sculpting, her work has been shown and collected internationally as well as featuring in many publications.

    Sophie lives and works in East Sussex with her husband Dan. In a vast and beautiful Sussex barn – the techniques and specialist skills amassed over several decades of research and development are bought together to produce an intricate and varied portfolio of work much sought after by private clients, architects and designers.

  • Molly Mahon

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    Molly Mahon

    Based in Sussex, Molly Mahon is a British Printmaker whose block print originals are applied to fabrics, wallpapers and a growing range of homewares. Molly’s work is inspired by nature, her travels to India and things that she notices in her daily life. She turns her images into repeat designs and carves them into a block for printing.