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What to look for in Autumn

Cook recipes related to the ladybird exhibition and learn how to seek our seasonal vegetables in autumn

To coincide with the exhibition ‘what to look for in the Garden, a ladybird books exhibition‘ we will be hosting a series of food learning workshops inspired by the exhibition.

In this cooking workshop, we’ll be looking at the autumn vegetable patch, and finding what vegetables we can cook with in autumn. The workshop includes a family friendly healthy lunch.

The idea of our classes is that the whole family gets involves and cooks together, this is not just for the children!  This workshop is aimed at children from 6-10 years old.

If you or your child has any allergies please let us know in advance.

Tickets are £3* for all participants. All children must be accompanied by an adult or carer (and all adults should be accompanied by a child), who will take part in the class. Ticket price includes entry to The Museum.

This session will be led by Food Learning Officer Ceri