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Cooking Masterclass – West African Food with Yasin Bojang

Come and join chef Yasin Bojang to enjoy the bold big flavours of West African cuisine.

In this 3 hour class in our purpose built learning studio kitchen, you will learn to combine and balance different West African flavours whilst cooking a three-course meal. Yasin will share her tips and tricks from her experiences working in the restaurant industry, including how to plate up dishes which you get to try out too. You will learn popular West African dishes – all with a plant based twist; such as jollof rice, peanut stew and fried plantains.

If you are a scotch bonnet lover, this class is perfect for you. But if you’re not so keen on heat, not to worry, Yasin will be teaching you how to cook your food with maximum flavour and punch without the heat.

The class will include:

  • Understanding how to use a variety of spices, at a level of heat you enjoy
  • learning about ingredients and recipes, unique to West African cuisine
  • Plating up tips from an experienced chef
  • A delicious 3 course lunch
  • Recipes to take home

Sample Recipes (to be confirmed);
Senegambian Jollof Rice – Basmati Rice cooked in well-seasoned Smoky and Scotch Bonnet Spiced Tomato Stew with Cabbage, Carrots and Aubergines
Peanut Stew
Plantain Caramelised in Coconut Sugar, served with Coconut Chantilly Cream
Homemade Hibiscus Cocktail / Mock-tails

Open to all levels of skills and interests. This class is suitable for Adults 16 and over.

  • Yasin Bojang

    Yasin Bojang

    Food has always been a huge part of Yasin’s upbringing, from watching her mother and aunties cook amazing Gambian /Western African dishes to observing her father attempt a chilli con carni she knew that food will always be a part of her life.

    Yasin started experimenting with flavours and ingredients when I began University in 2013, cooking for friends always reminded her of home and hearing the “oo’s and ahh’s” made it worthwhile, who doesn’t like being told their food is amazing?

    After gaining a degree in Criminology, it was never a surprise to friends and family when Yasin choose to undertake her first chefs’ job as a cookery teacher in a well-established cookery school in central London. The next year followed with experience being gained in the restaurant industry. However, she realised that the food she wanted to focus on were the dishes that she grew up enjoying and now focuses on West African cuisine.

    Twitter: @ YasinBojang
    Instagram: @YasinJal