K Food by Da-Hae West is published by Mitchell Beazley, £20 (www.octopusbooks.co.uk). Photography by David Munns
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Cooking Masterclass – Vegan Korean with Da-Hae West

In our 3 hour Vegan Korean cooking class with Da-Hae West you'll learn the secrets behind Korean Kimchi, and a selection of beautiful vegetable dishes that typically make up a traditional Korean table.

Korean food is mostly famous for its barbecued meats, but it is the array of beautiful vegetable dishes – many of which are ‘accidentally’ vegan or can be easily adapted for a vegan diet that actually make up a traditional Korean table.

The class will include:

  • Exploring the cuisine of Korea, typical ingredients and dishes
  • Understanding the process of fermentation and how to make Kimchi
  • Kimchi to finish fermenting at home
  • A delicious lunch from the dishes you have made
  • Recipes to take home

Sample Recipes;
Namul: Essential vegetable dishes, that can be eaten alone or as part of banchan (sharing dishes)
Vegan Kimchi
Doenjang Guk: Korean fermented soy bean soup
Bori Bap: Korean barley rice with seasonal vegetable

Open to all levels of skills and interests. This class is suitable for Adults 16 and over.

  • Da-Hae West

    Da-Hae West

    Da-Hae West is a Korean cookery teacher, consultant and author. Born in Busan, South Korea, Da-Hae moved to England when she was three. Watching her mother in the kitchen inspired a love of Korean food and in 2012, she opened Busan BBQ with her husband – a street food truck selling modern Korean food. In 2015, Octopus Publishing published her first cookbook ‘K-Food,’ (later republished in paperback as ‘Eat Korean,’) – a mixture of the traditional dishes she grew up with along with ways to use Korean ingredients in a more modern way.

    Da-Hae is an authority on Korean food, having worked on both ‘Gizzi Erskine’s Seoul Food’ and ‘John Torode’s Korean Food Tour,’ as well as appearing on the BBC’s One Show and The Travel Channel’s Footie Shorts. She works closely with the Korean Embassy and Korean Cultural Centre and often holds Korean cookery classes and food demonstrations.

    Twitter: @dahaewest
    Instagram: @dahaewest

Image: David Munns